Trinity House lightship

"South Goodwin"


This model of the British Lighthouse Authority Trinity House seems to be familiar to one or other of us , and that is quite justifiable. It is a new edition of the FROG model kit from the beginning of the sixties. In spite of the “great” age, the precision of this model kit is still excellent. The structuring is beautifully elaborate, if exalted. The tower with his clear view parts allows without for the mounting of a light diode with cables and mini battery. The brilliant idea, to use clear view plastic for the tower handrail may be debatable, but we will accept it. Rails and anchors consist of soft plastic, as known for example from 1:72 figures. The anchor chain, also from soft plastic, should always be replaced with suitable material from the accessories trade. The size of the transfer picture may be alraming at first, but the print quality is good and with a little skill it can be used easily.

Result: Even if some of the parts do not correspont to the present-day standard, this kit nevertheless is a beautiful model of the civilian shipping and does definitely grace some living rooms. The scale is 1:44, the model is 38,5 cm long. Copyright Heike Horcher

Unfortunately, this model kit is not offered any more by Revell. But what is ebay for? Maybe there is exactly this model kit for sale on ebay :-)

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Trinity House lightship South Goodwin