Lightship accomodation



Overnight stay at the former English lightvessel LV 13 in Hamburg (Germany)

In 1988 the English lighvessel LV 13 was taken out of service after 36 years on duty at it's station near the estuary of the river Humber. For a short time the future of this ship seemed to be uncertain, because there was no need for another lightship. The owner, the English lighthouse authority "Trinity House" finally sold it to a private person from Hamburg. He made his dreams come true with this lightship and rebuilt it to be one of the most popular gastronomy and culture places in Hamburg.

Whoever wants to be rocked softly from the waves into the sleep has now the chance to enjoy the former English lightship LV 13 in the City-Sport-Harbour of Hamburg. On board, there are 7 original double and separate cabins, in which the captain and his team used to sleep during their off-duty time after monotonous and often very exhausting service. All cabins are equipped with shower, WC and telephone. And you will certainly sleep much more comfortable on the ship today, than the predecessors did: Neither a hurricane or supertankers, nor in dense fog the regularly sounding fog horn, with which the lightship had to report its position, will disturb the silence and safety on the lightship today. And entertainment is also guearnteed: there is a restaurant, a pub, a lighthouse bar and regular jazz live concerts and further cultural offers at the lightship. Enjoy it!

- 2 x lightsmen cabins (SR): 65,- Euro incl. breakfast
- 4 x lightsmen cabins (DR): 100,- Euro incl. breakfast
- 1 x captains cabin (DR): 120,- Euro incl. breakfast

Lightvessel LV 13
Vorsetzen (in the City Sportharbour)
20459 Hamburg
Phone: 040-362553
Fax: 040-362555


 Pictures from the gastronomy areas of the lightvessel