Lichtschip 2

West-Hinder II

- active lightship from 1950 until 1994 -


Position as West-Hinder: 5123'00'' North, 0226'20'' East


Ship data

Length o.a.: 42,50 m

Length: 37,50 m

Beam: 7,80 m

Depth: 3,00 m

Side height: 5,90 m

Displacement: ca. 401m³

Weight: 420 t

Builder: Beliard, Crighton & Co. Werft, Oostende

Yard no.: 116

Year of construction: 1950

Elevation: 14 m
Range: 12,4 sm

Engine: Diesel engine 200 HP

Speed: 8 knots

Crew: 9 men, changing every 2 weeks



1950-1994 in 6-monthly rotation with "Lichtschip 1" and "Lichtschip 3" on stations "Wandelaar", "West-Hinder" or as "reserve" in harbour

29.01.1994 decommissioned

Today the lightship is dry-berthed and on display at the Seafront Maritime Park in Zeebrugge in Belgium. In my opinion it is very sad, that a souvenir-shop had been installed insinde the lightship but it is more than useless to install a periscope of a Russian submarine in the lightship. The persicope ist the strange "additional mast" in the stern of the ship.

The local ham radio club operates from the WESTHINDER 2 with ham radio. For more information click:

Opening hours:
Daily: 10 am - 6 pm
(July/August 10 am - 7 pm)
Closed: 01.01. und 25.12.

Entrance fees:
Adults: 10 Euro
Children: 8 Euro

Visitor address:

Vismijnstraat 7
B-8380 Zeebrugge

Link to the museum: