Fyrskib nr. X

- active lightship from 1877 until 1971 -

Technical data

Length: 31.52 m

Beam: 5.79 m
Draught: 3.20 m
Displacement: 139 BRT

Year of construction: 1877

Shipyard: De forende Oplagspladser og Værfter, Christianshavn, Denmark

Material: oak
Engine: none



Skagens Rev station

1887-1897 Læsø Trindel station
1899-1908 Vyl station
1909-1910 different stations
From 1911 Østre Flak station
1943 the lightship was the only lightship seized by the German Marine in 1943 and was moved to a position south of Anholt Knob. It experienced several air raids here, and to protect the crew from British machine-gun fire, the deck was covered with cobblestones
1946 the lightship was restored to the Danish Bacon by the British
1971 decommissioned after 94 years on duty and laid up in Holbæk. The new owner was Christian Egelborgs Fabrikker, who bought the lightship to use it as a residential ship for their foreign workers, but plans failed, because they could not find a berth for the lightship. During this time the lightship lost its mast and light, because the Danish lightship authority sold their lightships to private owners only without the mast and lamp
January 1971 - April 1977

the lightship was sold by an advertisement in the Danish newspaper "Jyllandsposten" for 30.000 Danish Kroner to the Hobro Sejlclub. The lightship was towed to Hobro on April 30th, 1971. The club used the lightship as a floating club ship and renamed it to "Sildehage"

January 1978
The new owner Niels Spaabæk bought the lightship for 40.000 Danish Kroner and used it in the Frederiksholms Canal of Copenhagen as office. At this time the lightship got back a mast and light from another lightship, which was laid up in Northsjaelland - for another 5.000 Danish Kroner
The lighship was sold again and used as restaurant ship "Kronborg" in Helsingør. After years the owner went bankrupt and the ship was sold again
August 1997

the English tug boat "Towing Chieftain" towed the lightship to Rochester in England, where it was drydocked and overhauled

the lightship is used as restaurant ship "Lightship Ten" in St. Katharines Dock in London.
First class French-Danish kitchen and an extensive wine menu were offered.

May 10th, 2008

Today the English tug CHRISTINE towed the lightship through the Kiel Canal to Copenhagen. Photos can be found here and here.

If anyone of you knows more about the plans for the future of the lightship, I would be grateful for an e-mail.


July 2008

The lightship can be found in Copenhagen (Refshaleøen) today and it seems that someone is working on it.


November 14th, 2008

After the bilge pump of the apparently leaky ship failed, the fire brigade had to pump the water logged ship out. Here you can find a report with pictures from the Danish Fire Brigade.

If anyone of you knows more about the plans for the future of the lightship, I would be grateful for an e-mail.