Fyrskib No. XIII
"Ark XIII"

- acti
ve lightship from 1880 until 1972 -



Technical data

Length: 31,50 m

Beam: 6,00 m


Builder: De forende Oplagspladser og Værfter, Christianshavn, Denmark

Year of construction: 1880


Populsion: no

Focal Length:


1882-1889 Horns Rev station

1889-1896 reserve-lightship for Horns Rev station

1896-1902 Horns Rev station

1903-1912 Gedser Rev station

from 1916 Læsø Rende station

1972 decommissioned after 92 years and sold to the Justice Authority. The ship should be used as residential ship for people, who should be incorporated again into the "normal" life. Thanks to this ownership, the copper skinned ship was looked after and was protected. The lantern tower was however removed and is now in the Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet in Esbjerg (Denmark) - unfortunately in bad condition

1992 the lightship was sold to a private owner. The ship kept its maritime character, even when after construction over the complete deck. On the land side, the ship got portholes - the water side has beautiful panoramic windows. The name at the stern was removed and the new name is "Ark XIII" - maybe because it looks like Noah's Ark. At first, the ship was moored in the Frederiksholms Canal, later at the Kalvebod Bridge and today beside the veteran ferry "Sjślland" in Copenhagen (Denmark). It is used as a residential ship.

September 2008 the former lightship was for sale for 3.5 million DKK.

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