Fyrskib nr. XXI

Skagens Rev

- lightship active from 1912 until 1988 -


Technical Data

Length: 33.58 m

Beam: 6.35 m
Draught: 3.28 m
Displacement: 321 t
Year of construction: 1911
Shipyard: Rasmus Møllers Værft, Fåborg, Denmark
Price: 133,060 DKK (in 1911)
Material: oak with copper below the waterline
Crew: 2 x 6 men, who changed initially every 4 weeks, later every 2 weeks


1910 After Rasmus Møller Wharf had already built the Danish lightship No. XX, they got the order to build this new lightship too: Fyrskib no. XXI. Special: The lightship got the lantern and optic of the former Danish lightship No. IV, which had already been decommissioned in 1908
May 1910 keel was laid
August 15th, 1911 launched

again in the wharf to complete the lightship

June 28, 1912 towed to the first station - the Grådyb station - by lightship tender "C.F. Grove"
1913-1915 Vyl station
1915-1917 Horns Rev station
1917-1920 towed to Esbjerg because of the mines of WWI
1920-1933 Horns Rev station
1933-1935 Orlogsværft in Copenhagen
1935-1939 Horns Rev station
1939-1945 war lightship during WWII
1945-1969 Læsø N station
1969-1971 modernisation at the Ring Andersens Skibsværft in Svendborg. Special: The lightship got the optic of lightship no. X
1971-1979 Skagens Rev station
Horns Rev station


observation ship at Samsø Belt and Møn Se station
December 12th, 1988 Lightship No. XXI is the last Danish lightship to be withdrawn from its station. It was towed to Copenhagen by the lightship tender "Argus" and was officially decommissioned by members of the former crew
1988-1991 laid up in the Fyrmagasin Holmen in Copenhagen
November 1991

Sold to the assiciation "Den Selvejende Institution Fregatten Jylland" for 150,000 DKK. There is an amateur radio station at the lightship today, the call sign is OZ7DAL

June 3rd, 2006

From today the lightship is used as summer café in Ebeltoft (Denmark) during the summer month (June to August). From 2007 also overnight accomodation will be available.

If anyone has news I would be grateful for an e-mail.