Motorfyrskib No. II

- active lightship from 1916 until 1978 -



Technical data

Length: 33,58 m

Beam: 6,82 m

Depth: 3,47 m
Displacement: 342 t

Shipyard: Rasmus Møller Værft, Fåborg, Denmark

Year of construction: 1916


Populsion: Two Cylinder Two Stroke Engine 125 HK


Anchor: mushroom anchor, later Patent anchor


1917-1920 Gilleleje Flak N. station

1920-1927 Grådyb station

1927 Horns Rev station

1930-1939 Vyl station (40 km west of Esbjerg)

1946-1947 SW 1 station (40 km west of Thyborøn)

1947-1969 Vyl station

1978 sold for 31,000 DKK by auction to the Dragør Sailing Club. They restored the lightship for 500,000 DKK and used it as a club ship. After some years the ship was economically not longer viable for the club

1985 in January sold for 500,000 DKK to Arp Hansen, who is the owner of the Nyhavn Hotel in Copenhagen. Today the lightship is a summer restaurant ship in the Nyhavn in Copenhagen. I am looking for a photo of Motorfyrskib No. II from the years before 1985. If someone can help, I would be very pleased about an e-mail.

End of the 90ties sold to a new owner

29.09.2006 The lightship was towed away from Copenhagen by a tug from Poland.

March 2008 The lightship is for overhaul in Gdansk in Poland. A wonderful photo can be found here.

November 2009 The lightship sunk in a Gdansk shipyard. If someone has news or a photo, I would be grateful for an e-mail.