Trinity House
Lightvessel no. 87

- lightvessel active from 1932 until 1973 -



Technical data

Length o.a.: 98,5 ft. (ca. 30 m)
Beam: 25,75 ft. (ca. 7,85 m)
Draught: 14,25 ft. (ca. 4,35 m)

Year of construction: 1932

Shipyard: J & A Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow

Construction: composite hull

Anchor: mushroom anchor
Optic: Dioptric electric fixed latern
Range: 20 sm
Fog signal: Diaphone powered by 2 Crossley Diesel engines



East Goodwin, Mid-Barrow and Cromer station

January 1973

decommissioned and sold to become the club ship of the the Haven Ports Yacht Club in Levington Marina near Ipswich. Her latern was taken for the Inner Dowsing light platform before her disposal and her new owners were fortunate to obtain that from lightvessel no. 88 at Norwich, although that was rather different from her original one


Visitor address:
Haven Ports Yacht Club LV87
Suffolk Yacht Harbour
Levington, Ipswich IP10 0LN
phone/fax 01473 659658
(during the opening hours)

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