Trinity House
Lightvessel no. 94

- active lightvessel from 1939 until 1990 -


Technical Data

Length o.a.: 134 ft (ca. 40,85 m)

Length: 119,6 ft (ca. 36,45 m)

Beam: 25 ft (ca. 7,62 m)
Draught: 15 ft (ca. 4,57 m)

Authority: Trinity House, London

Year of construction: 1939

Shipyard: Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Yard-No.: 849

Tender price: 27,207 £, profit: 5,147 £
Material: steel
Lightning apparatus: Dioptric Electric - fixed latern
Elevation: 12,30 m
Range: 20 sm


June 1937 ordered by Trinity House, London
01.04.1939 handed over to Trinity House, London
1939-1980 Shipwash and Morecombe Bay station
1980 converted to automatic light vessel at the Sealink Wharf, during this time all portholes were removed (blocked up)
1981-1990 Newarp station
19.08.1990 collision with the German motor vessel Halina on Newarp station. The lightship was badly damaged and towed by THV PATRICIA to Sheerness at the River Medway, dry-docked and repaired
1990 decommissioned


Sold to the Warship Preservation Trust for 17,000 , laid up in Torpoint, Cornwall Later sold for 1 to the "Horizons", a Christian group in Plymouth/Devon. The new owner was planning to restore the lightship and built 35 beds for people who would like to reconnoiter the maritime history of Plymouth. It was berthed at the Royal William Marine Wharf.

Sold to the new owner Philip Kraan. The tug PIETER from Den Helder (Netherlands) towed the lightship from Plymouth to the Netherlands, where it had been restored in Den Helder. Here the portholes have been put back in. After that the ship was sandblasted and re-painted.


The lightship with the new name "Zeeburg" is part of the Open Haven Museum in Amsterdam. It is open to the public and can be hired for parties.


After the Open Haven Museum has gone bankrupt in 2003 the lightship was towed to the former shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam-Noord at the north bank of the river Ij. The name "ZEEBURG" is painted over now. It seems that a new foundation is creating a historic harbour for old ships at its present moorings. LV 94 is one of them.

July 2005

The Maritiem Kwartier in Amsterdam North will open at the 17th of August 2005. When we visited the ship in July it was in pretty good condition.


Beginning of 2006 the lightship has been bought by 4 media-entrepeneurs. Chris Zegers, Kees Zegers, Joost Perik and Jeff de Wolf. It was renamed to BRIGHTSIDE. It is moored at the NDSM-pier in the north of Amsterdam, formerly one off the biggest ship-building areas off the Netherlands. After a one and a half intens rebuilding of the interior the BRIGHTSIDE is nowdays succesfully used as a eventcentre, runned by a company called Finley, and can be hired for meetings, parties or other events. If you are curios to the results of the rebuilding, look at and click on the tab "locations".

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