Trinity House
Lightvessel No. 5

- active lightvessel from 1947 until today -

Technical data

Length o.a.: 137.25 feet (ca. 41,83 m)

Length: 119 feet (ca. 36,27 m)

Beam: 25 feet (ca. 7,62 m)
Draught: 15 feet (ca. 4,57 m)
Net tonnage: 267

Authority: Trinity House, London

Year of construction: 1946

Shipyard: Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Yard-No.: 1137

Tender price: 49,759 £, profit: 7,791 £
Material: steel (riveted)


April 1945

ordered by Trinity House, London


Light vessel No. 5 moored off the Noss yard awaiting delivery. Handed over to Trinity House, initially on Shambles station

1963 South Goodwin station
1972 Tongue station
1973-1976 Falls station
1977 Varne station
automated by Holman & Sons, Penzance. The original optic from the lantern is in the Ramsgate Maritime Museum
April 22nd, 1988 the last light vessel withdrawn from the North Goodwin station
1995 first lightship on the new acquired Sandettie station
1995 Greenwich station

Sandettie station


Greenwich station


The lightship is still in the Trinity House fleet and used as a solar powered automatic light vessel

If anyone has news, I would be grateful for an e-mail.