Trinity House
Lightvessel No. 20

- lightvessel active from 1963 until today -

Technical data

Length o.a.: 133 feet (ca. 40,54 m)

Length: 114 feet (ca. 34,75 m)

Beam: 26.5 feet (ca. 8,08 m)
Draught: 12.5 feet (ca. 3,81 m)
Net tonnage:

Authority: Trinity House, London

Year of construction: 1962

Shipyard: Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Yard-No.: 1329

Contract price:
Material: steel (riveted)


June 1962

ordered by Trinity House, London

May 23rd, 1963 launched
September 24th, 1963

handed over to Trinity House

Kentish Knock station
1976-1979 North Goodwin station
1980 converted to automatic light vessel
March 2001 until October 20th, 2003

Channel station

April 10th, 2004
Routine maintenance and painting before sending the lightship out to another station at Trinity Pier, Harwich. No. 20 had been temporarily stationed close to the SMALLS (West coast of Wales) where Trinity House had switched off the lighthouse while they converted it to solar and wind turbine power.

The lightship is still in the Trinity House fleet and used as an automatic light vessel

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