Trinity House
Lightvessel no. 90

- active lightvessel from 1937 until 1954 -



Technical Data

Length o.a.: 119 ft (ca. 36.27 m)

Length: 104,25 ft (ca. 32.33 m)

Beam: 26 ft (ca. 7.92 m)
Draught: 15 ft (ca. 4.57 m)

Authority: Trinity House, London

Year of construction: 1937

Shipyard: Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Yard-No.: 838

Tender price: 19,395 £
Material: steel


August 1936 ordered by Trinity House, London
September 25th, 1937 handed over to Trinity House, London
November 27th, 1954

On Saturday 27 November 1954, the South Goodwin Lightship
LV 90 broke from her anchors in winds of over 80 mph and stranded on the Goodwin Sands off the east coast of Kent. There was only one survivor from the tragedy, Ronald Murton, who desperately hung on for eight hours awaiting rescue. Read more...

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