Lightship KEMI


- active lightship from 1901 until 1975 -


Ship Data

Length: 30,09 m
Beam: 6,90 m
Draught: 2,70 m
Displacement: 257 t
Shipyard: Pori Engine Shop
Year of construction: 1900/1901
Elevation: 11 m
Range: 11 sm
Character: 2 Fl W 15 s
Engine: Vertikale Kompound Engine, Siemens Martins with 166 HP
Material: steel

Crew: 11 men later 12 men

Anchor: 2 anchor á 1000 kg und 850 kg


Spring 1900

The Pilotage and Lighthouse Administration placed the order for the new lightship at Pori Engine Shop

17.06.1901 handed over to the orderer and christened the ÄRANSGRUND. In order to distinguish her from her predecessor, who was still in service outside Helsinki, she was called "The new Äransgrund"
July 1901 the lighthsip arrived at Helsinki, there its stability was further improved by a fivetonne load of pig iron
01.10.1901 anchored close to the Äransgrund shallow, she was also used as a pilot station and 3 pilots from Helsinki were on board
1912 during the Russian occupation broad white stripes were painted on the red sides of the ÄRANSGRUND and the vessels name was painted on both sides in black Cyrillic letters. The Finnish crew could stay on board but the pilots were replaced by Russians
06.12.1917 Finland gained her independeance and the newly-founded National Board of Navigation became responsible for the lightship, which was the only lighthip of Helsinki now, because the "Old Äransgrund" was kept in reserve
08.06.1921 anchored at the shallow called RELANDERINMATALA some 12 nautical miles from Rauma. As before, it also served as a pilot station with four pilots from Rauma on baord
Spring 1923 the lightning equipent was replaced at the Chrichton Vulcan Yards in Turku. The aftmast was removed and a lighthouse tower of steel was built at its place
Spring 1926 renamed in RELANDERINMATALA (that is the Finnish name for RELANDERSGRUND)

Winter 1932/33

the ship was taken in for repairs, the ships present wheel-house of steel was built then
Spring 1933 renamed to RAUMA
June 1940
the ship was taken in, she survived the war undamaged
December 1953
Station RAUMA
Summer 1954
and 1955
Autum 1955 the ship had to undergo repairs, they were performed at the Wärtsilä Yards in Vaasa, renamed to KEMI

Station KEMI, Finland was the only land that had women in the crews of their lightships

the KEMI was museum vessel in the Maritime Museum of Finland and open to the public. She had been found at the edge of the island Hylkysaari in Helsinki. Her steam-engine and anchoring equipment are almost original.
October 2004-2007

lightship KEMI was moved to Suomenlinna Shipyard for restoration
June 2007

the new berth of the lightship is in Kotka, because the Maritime Museum of Finland had moved to a new building in Kotka (Tornatorintie 99 A, FIN-48100 Kotka). If everything goes as planned, Kemi can be visited in the summer of 2010 again.

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