Lightship Libauskij

ex. Relandersgrund
ex. Äransgrund
ex. Helsinki

today S/S Hyöky

- active lightship from 1912 until 1959 -


 Position as lightship Helsinki: 59°56,5' North, 24°56' East
Position today: 60°33,6' North, 27°11,1' East

Ship data

Length overall: 42,70 m
Beam: 7,60 m
Displacement: 275 t

Year of construction: 1912

Builder: Putilov´s Gun and Ship Factory, St. Petersburg

Material: iron
Engine: compound steam engine, 240 hp



1912-1918 Libauskij station

1918 the lightship was taken to Finland as a war booty

1918-1921 renamed RELANDERSGRUND and stationed off the shore of Rauma

1921-1932 renamed ÄRANSGRUND

1933 renamed Helsinki

1933-1940 HELSINKI station

29.02.1940 the lightship became the target of an air raid, one of the stokers was killed and the ship was damaged

Spetember 1941 three German mine carriers exploded right next to the lightship, both sides of the ship were dented and the boats were destroyed. However it stayed above water and the crew of 15 men survived

1940-1959 HELSINKI station

Autum 1959 withdrawn, when the offshore lighthouse in Helsinki was lit

1961-1983 renamed HYÖKY and converted to a support vessel of a hydorgraphical expedition servicing survey boats in the open sea

In 1983 Haminan Höyrylaiva Ltd. bought S7S Hyöky and started reparation works. The ship was the last lightship warmed up by coal in the whole Nordic countries

Today S7S Hyöky can be visited on the island of Tervasaari a bit outside of Hamina. Colorful events entertain summer visitors. The ship features a cafe and restaurant and a maritime museum. Finnish TV-channels and film producers have used the old maritime items in their programs and films as well. Several national and local artists and musicians have used the ship for their concerts or as a back stage for relaxing