Fyrskeppet N:o 2B


ex. Hävringe

- active lightship from 1896 until 1969 -


Technical data

Length o.a.: 23.45 m

Length: 20.32 m

Beam: 6.58 m
Draught: 2.87 m
Weight: 142 t
Weight fully loaded: 197 t
Year of construction: 1895/96
Builder: Brodins Shipyard in Gävle, Sweden
Costs: 66,519.11 SEK
Material: steel
Elevation: 7.80 m
Range: 10.6 nautical miles
Crew: 8 men


June 4th, 1896

placed on Almagrundet station
1912-1916 the lightship was moved to Kopparstenarne station
1917-1926 Reserv
Hävringe station was the next place to be marked for shipping by Almagrundet
1952-1969 after large-scale conversion work, Almagrundet became a combined pilot vessel and lightship at Malmö Redd station, where she served the National Board of Pilotage, Lighthouses and Buoys
1969 the lightship ended her own service during a voilent storm a few weeks before she was to be taken out of service: the anchor cable broke and the vessel drifted towards land, because she had no engine of her own. She was rescued in a major salvage operation and towed to Malmö
1969-1989 as a museum vessel in Malmö she was gently rocked towards oblivion. The maintenance funds were inadequate and she began to fall into disrepair

sold to the new owner, Mr. Knuth Borg of Swecox International AB, who took the lightship for renovation to Bråvikens Shipyard in Nörrköping, renamed to ALMAGRUNDET

The lightship is in very good condition and can be found at the Tullhus Pier in the inner harbour of Västerås in Sweden