Fyrskeppet nr 5

Svenska Björn

ex. Utgrunden

- active lightship from 1866 until 1962 -


Technical data

Length o.a.: 27.73 m

Length: 24.95 m

Beam: 7.13 m
Draught: 2.30 m
Weight: 180 t
Weight fully loaded: 258 t
Year of construction: 1865/66
Builder: Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad, Stockholm, Sweden
Costs: 105,317.85 SEK
Material: steel
Crew: 7 men


1866-1883 Utgrunden station
1884-1897 the lightship was moved to Svenska Björn station
1898-1900 Finngrundet station was the next place to be marked for shipping
1901-1920 Svenska Björn station
1922-1962 Svenska Björn station
1962 rebuilt at Torsviks wharf to a cargo ship and used as sandtransporter named BJÖRN in Finland on the Borgå-Helsinki sand trade until the end of the 70ties

The lightship was rebuilt to its original appearance and is privately owned today and can be found in Västerås in Sweden.

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